Self-defense for Women

Women are prone to aggressions by men. In the history of mankind, women have been considered having low status than men socially, economically and politically. Women were regarded as physically weak. The weakness of women’sread more

Self Defense Weapons

The world has changed. The dangers have gotten greater, the stakes have gone higher. It is only natural that we must be prepared for them. Self-defense and self-defense weapons would be one such way inread more

The Popular Form of Practical Self-defense

Martial arts, refers to the art of fighting, is a system of codified practices and traditional techniques for combat purposes. The techniques learned in martial arts also compose of practical self-defense. Practical self-defense is relativelyread more

Personal Protection in Various Forms

Personal protection refers to the items, structure, means or other forms that can protect humans from forces of bad nature or hostile. Personal protection could be in different forms. The shelter-in-place is the most popularread more

Self Defense through Pepper Sprays

Self defense products stand to be products of rising popularity. Considering the dangerous times we all live in today, it pays to be prepared against the dangers which lurk around the corner, waiting for theread more

Martial Arts: The Art of Self Defense

Martial Arts stand strong as being one of the more popular forms of self-defense. Considering the dangerous times in which we all live in, being prepared against evil elements of society would stand to beread more

Mace and Pepper Spray

In these dangerous times, one just can’’t be certain of what waits, lurking around the corner. With self-defense items like Mace and Pepper Spray, people stand a fighting chance against the dangers of an ever-changingread more

Electroshock Self Defense Weapons

Survival stands to be the most basic of instincts. When faced with impending danger, the impulse to defend oneself is hard coded into the minds of people. The sad thing is that more often thanread more

Vipertek VTS-989B V Mini Stun Gun Review

Among the things making Vipertek VTS-989B V Mini Stun Gun, a bestseller is its dual functionality; which makes this self-defense gadget both a stun gun and a flashlight. This stun gun is also very more

Little Wolf Stun Gun Review

The deceptively named Little Wolf Stun Gun packs quite a punch. This stun gun can accurately stop an assailant dead on their tracks from distances of up to 15 feet. To ensure this level ofread more