Black Folding Tactical Pocket Knife MTECH USA

Black Folding Tactical Pocket Knife MTECH USA

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  • FOLDING KNIFE WITH ASSISTED OPENING! THIS IS THE LAST OF THESE KNIVES. NO MORE WILL BE MADE. – Due to the Metal process used to create these knives, these will be the last knives sold of this design. First come first served, no more emails please.
  • LIMITED INVENTORY AVAILABLE TO PUBLIC++ NO DOUBT!!! That this is the MOST Useful survival fixed blade knife, small yet effective fixed blade tactical knife YOU will ever carry on your belt or in your tackle or field box. Fixed Knife is compact, Great companion for Hunting, Camping, Fishing, Skinning, Survival or Fighting.
  • KNIFE COLLECTORS & PEOPLE LIKE US ADDED THIS KNIFE TO THEIR COLLECTIONS++ INCREDIBLE PRICE!!! This is a incredible knife for the price and quality. If your a carrier of fixed blades and need a cool knife and a compact tool then BUY this Knife. You’ll impressed with this 4 inch stainless steel knife with sheath. Good size for Fishing or Hunting and not too large to carry.
  • UNIQUE IN EVERY WAY, DON’T LOSE YOUR OPPORTUNITY TO OWN THIS KNIFE++ THE QUALITY”S HERE!!!! The thickness quality is great, Stainless (same as a Buck), always full tang, with a very sharp edge out of the box, with nylon sheath with a handle snap. If your avid knife collector, outdoorsman, or mechanic. you use knives on a daily basis. When you compare this to colt, buck, gerber, remington, or SOG.
  • CREATED BY A MANUFACTURER WITH OVER 30 YEARS PRODUCING QUALITY KNIVES++ DON’T LOSE OUT!!! That’s what customers are not only doing but saying as well. Everyone will ENVY your new fixed blade knife; perfect length and shape for a combat or self defense survival knife. STOP!!! Spending – 0 on crappy knives. 100% No Doubt 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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