Tools of Self Defense

There are several things you can do, hire, and even purchase to be protected from possible threats and from attackers. You can learn the defensive as well as the offensive skills of martial arts.

There are different types of martial arts. Typically, martial arts as people know them typically require the use of bare hands or some body parts for self-defense and combat actions. However, some types of martial arts would require the use of weapons. When applying that in real-life situations, the use of weapons such as swords, daggers and knives can be helpful but also deadly. Carrying these weapons anywhere is prohibited and can even get you locked up in jail. Although weapons in martial arts can be useful as self-defense items, they are not practical and even safe to carry.

Certain devices and items have been invented for the purpose of helping people from possible attacks and attackers. Self-defense items are carried and used mostly by police officers for their operations. However recently, some of these items can be used and carried by individuals. These items can include pepper spray and stun guns. These self-defense items can bring attackers to immobility or temporary unconsciousness providing victims the opportunities to escape and call the police officers.

A stun gun is a hand-held self-defense electronic device that emits a high-voltage pulse. When the stun gun is applied to the attackers, the pulse can put a person to immobility and possible unconsciousness for several minutes. However, the self-defense item does not produce permanent damage to the assailant.

A stun gun is handheld, thus it is powered merely by ordinary batteries. The batteries supply the electric power to a circuit that contains the oscillators, capacitors, electrodes and transformers. These parts have the functions of fluctuating the current and increasing the voltage of the stun gun. A stun gun can produce a voltage as much as 20,000 volts, enough to temporarily paralyze the assailant.

Another self-defense item, pepper spray contains the chemical compound that can irritate the eyes when sprayed on the attacker. Using the pepper spray on the attackers can result to tears or temporary blindness. Though the ingredients contained in the pepper spray are non-lethal, they can be fatal in rare cases.

The use of self-defense items have been regulated by the laws countries especially in the United States. Stun guns and pepper spray are just a few of self-defense items that can be acquired by individuals. However, individuals have to check if they are allowed to be carried in particular states. These and other self-defense items can be acquired in weaponry shops. Some online sites also feature and market self-defense items.

The use of self-defense items is cautioned. Although they are used primarily for self-defense, these items can possibly hurt anybody.

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