Electroshock Self Defense Weapons

Survival stands to be the most basic of instincts. When faced with impending danger, the impulse to defend oneself is hard coded into the minds of people. The sad thing is that more often than not, many fall victim to danger scenarios, like a mugger sticking up a person for cash and other valuables, and end up either robbed, injured, and in more severe scenarios, dead, unable to defend themselves.

In these dangerous times, all sorts of threats just wait around the corner. More and more people are aware of such dangers and are not going blind when self-defense is concerned. With the now readily available line of self-defense weapons, people now could arm themselves with valuable items which could save them from the grief of falling victim to such danger circumstances.

Electroshock self-defense weapons stand to be strong contenders in the self-defense weapons arena, as they are items which enable users to overthrow would-be assailants off their feet, thus defeating threats from achieving their goals. Basically, an electroshock weapon is a weapon designed to incapacitate targets. It works in conjunction with electric shock, as it successfully operates by administering an electric shock upon contact with a target, resulting to disrupting superficial muscle functions.

Examples of electroshock self-defense weapons would include stun guns, tasers and air tasers, stun batons, electroshock belts and electroshock guns.

Electroshock guns, tasers and air tasers would be the more “projectile” based of electroshock self-defense weapons, capable of administering electric shock from a distance. These class of electroshock self-defense weapons are quite handy to have, and could be used when an electroshock weapon user sees a threat going towards him or her, halting would-be attackers on their tracks before they could actually do any damage at all.

The more “close quartered” of electroshock self-defense weapons would be stun guns, stun batons and electroshock belts. These electroshock weapons, contrary to air tasers and electroshock guns, differ from air tasers in the sense that they have to come into contact with targets in order to administer the electroshock treatment.

Bottom line, air tasers or not, electroshock self-defense weapons are avenues for persons to take should they be put in precarious situations which call for the aid of these self-defense weapons. Air tasers of not, electroshock self-defense weapons are items which complement the survival instinct, arming one’s self defense personal pool.

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