Little Wolf Stun Gun – Dual Defense System

Little Wolf Stun Gun - Dual Defense System

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The Little Wolf Stun Gun is a compact but powerful stun gun that packs a big surprise.

* When utilized with the long range cartridge, you can stop an attacker at a distance of 15 feet, electrical probes are deployed and deliver a painful, yet safe electric shock that will stop even the most determined – and big attacker on their tracks.

* The Little Wolf utilizes a laser beam as a targeting aid that will show you where the probes will accurately land at a maximum distance of 15 feet. * It is powerful enough to penetrate up to 1″ of clothing and still deliver the shock. * Alternatively, the cartridge can be removed and the Little Wolf becomes a devastating stun gun by touching any part of the attacker’s body. They will wish they had never laid eyes on you!!

* The Little Wolf is compact and well designed, it will not get in the way when carried in a bag, purse or pant pocket.

* Included with your purchase is:

+ The Little Wolf defense system
+ Charger cable
+ (3) Long range cartridges
+ Manual

* The Little Wolf is legal to carry in most states without a permit. However, consumer possession laws vary by state; there are several states in which consumers are not allowed to possess a Taser, including Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. The Little Wolf will not be shipped to these states. Please research the laws regarding stun guns and tasers in your area. Buyer is responsible for following all Federal, State and Local laws regarding the purchase, transport and use of the Little Wolf.

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Little Wolf Stun Gun – Dual Defense System

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