Mace and Pepper Spray

In these dangerous times, one just can’’t be certain of what waits, lurking around the corner. With self-defense items like Mace and Pepper Spray, people stand a fighting chance against the dangers of an ever-changing world, giving them an avenue for action, should such dangerous situations arise.

Pepper spray and Mace are products hailed to among the most popular of self-defense weapons available for consumers. Basically, think of a small aerosol can, which upon usage, would spray an irritant so strong it could halt would-be attackers on the spot. The most basic of training, even no training at all, would be enough for users to successfully use Mace and Pepper Spray self-defense items, arming them with items which aren’t exactly lethal, with judicious usage, of course.

Mace was originally made by Lake Erie Chemical, formerly a division of Smith & Wesson in 1962. It held the name “Chemical Mace”. Today, Mace is a registered trademark of Mace Security International, and is sold today as pepper spray, as the original Mace formula proved to be rather to extreme, and is considered highly illegal in many countries, mostly Western countries. The terms “Mace” and “Pepper Spray” are often confused and used interchangeably, but are both practically the same items, today. Originally, Mace was tear gas in a small can and was quite dangerous when not properly used.

Oleoresin Capsicum would be the main ingredient in Pepper Spray and current Mace cans. Pepper spray is also referred to as OC Spray, OC Gas, Capsicum Spray or simply Oleoresin Capsicum. Oleoresin Capsicum is a lachrymatory agent, which is basically a chemical compound which caused irritation to the eyes, caused pain, even resulting to temporary blindness. These cans are self-defense items, but are also used in crowd control and riot control situations. Basically, Mace, the “pepper spray variety” and Pepper Spray, are non-lethal items, geared for self defense against persons, as well as against animals like bears and dogs.

Pepper spray and Mace are often marketed in canisters. The canister shape makes it easy for people to carry them around, and are often designed to be small enough to fit into one’s pocket, or bag or a ladies’ purse. Innovations with Mace and Pepper spray item designs are also known, one such example would be concealed Mace and Pepper Spray items, like rings and wristbands. There are even classes of Pepper Spray and Mace designed to be used in conjunction with paintball guns, allowing for wider area of effects, ideal for crowd control scenarios.
Should one be looking for self defense items which are small but terrible, Mace and Pepper Spray would be good options.