Martial Arts: The Art of Self Defense

Martial Arts stand strong as being one of the more popular forms of self-defense. Considering the dangerous times in which we all live in, being prepared against evil elements of society would stand to be a smart option, giving people the chance to stand their ground defending their safety, as well as their properties.

With martial arts, one’s very body becomes weapons against such societal evils, halting them from even getting close to their personal “evil” objectives. Basically, Martial Arts is known as the system of codified traditions and practices geared for combat. It is primarily studied for its self-defense value, as well as for the fitness value it sports, the mental discipline it sharpens, the self-confidence it brings about, and the character development it develops in Martial Arts practitioners.

Martial Arts is known and famous for the great diversity of Martial Arts classes and types all over the world, which are basically unified with one goal”: to successfully defeat, or to successfully defend oneself, on a physical level. Some Martial Arts are quite complex, even being part of a spirituality and belief structure. Bottom line, all martial arts boast the same base principle, which is to be able to successfully quell a threat without the use of weapons, though certain classes of martial arts are “upgraded” to work in conjunction with weapons.

The Martial Arts term is derived from Mars, which is the name of the Roman god of War. Those practicing martial arts are known as martial artists, standing as living testaments to the teachings, principles, practices and philosophies of Martial Arts. Emphasis on training is quite important in martial arts, with the kata being the most common of martial arts training regimen.

Asia is quite famous for martial arts, as there is a wide range of martial arts classes which originate from Asia. The impressive nature, as well as their effective status as self-defense options, add to the popularity of Asian Martial Arts. From Tae Kwon Do, to Jujitsu, to Wing Chun, to Aikido, to Karate, to Kenpo, to Wushu, to Kung Fu and to Combat Judo, the range of popular Asian martial arts are quite diverse, with some defined solely for self-defense, while some designed only for offense, with some designed for both.

Bottom line, as a self defense option, Martial Arts go beyond simply being a form of self defense, going beyond into martial arts practitioners’ psyches.

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