Personal Protection in Various Forms

Personal protection refers to the items, structure, means or other forms that can protect humans from forces of bad nature or hostile. Personal protection could be in different forms. The shelter-in-place is the most popular tangible form of personal protection.

A house regardless of structure can provide the basic needs of men for shelter. It is where a man can shelter his body from natural forces whether hot or cold. A house is a place where a man can do all the necessary activities of a human being. The structure of a house can improve as the economic conditions of men progress. Nowadays, humans live in different structures of dwelling places.

Another basic necessity of men is clothing. A clothe can provide the necessary skin and body protection from change of weather. The use of clothing for men is not just for personal protection. Clothes can be worn for fashion styles or for traditional and cultural reasons. Clothes are also practically used and worn for moral dignity and respect.

Other personal items that can be used as personal protection are shoes, gloves, sunglasses, helmet and hats. Proper living, eating and exercise can also be considered as forms of personal protection of men against possible onset of harms and diseases that can lead to ailments or injury.

Nowadays, some chemical substances can be used as personal protection but are mostly applied on external parts. The use of sunscreen lotion has been considered by many as a way of personal protection primarily on the skin against the destructive rays of the sun. Sunrays can cause skin damage and skin cancer.

Personal protection can also refer to self-defense. Currently, the word personal protection has been extended to include the use of forces or the practice of lawful rights to protect one from inflictions or aggressions. The rights stipulated in the law can be used as protection of individuals against criminal or civil charges.

Aside from lawful rights, the learning and practice of martial arts have also been regarded as personal protection against bodily attacks. Martial art techniques and strategies have importance to a person especially in physical combat actions. For women, learning martial art moves and techniques can help them in dealing with physical aggression such as rape.

The use of weapons such as guns and swords can be used as tactical personal protection. However, improper use of these items can also lead to aggressions and possible harm to other individuals.

Apart from items, structures, learned and intangible forms of personal protection, a human can also be used as personal protection for another human. Common examples of this are bodyguards and policemen.

There are different forms of personal protection. A man needs protection in order to survive and to live with safety and security.

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