Self Defense through Pepper Sprays

Self defense products stand to be products of rising popularity. Considering the dangerous times we all live in today, it pays to be prepared against the dangers which lurk around the corner, waiting for the opportune moment in which to strike.

Self-defense products offer users with the capacity to strike back, facilitating self-defense courses of action. Pepper sprays would be one such self-defense product, famous for its small compact nature, yet evident and effective function as a self-defense item.

Pepper sprays are simply items which pack quite a hit once administered. The use of pepper spray is no different from that of a bug spray, as all one has to do with pepper sprays is aim, then spray. Of course there are ideal usage practices for pepper sprays, but its most base principle would be to simply aim, then spray, particularly targeting an assailant’s or would-be attacker’s eyes. It is often marketed as tiny canisters, ideal to be put inside one’s pockets, or ladies’ handbags. Certain varieties of packaging for pepper sprays involve concealing them as regular items like rings or wristbands. “Large scale” classes of pepper sprays could be used as ammo for paintball guns, making them perfect for crowd or riot control. As self defense products, pepper sprays aren’t limited to only human use, as using pepper sprays against animals, like bears or dogs, are known to halt attacking animals.

Pepper Sprays are also often referred to as OC Spray, from Oleoresin Capsicum, the main ingredient in Pepper Sprays. Basically, Oleoresin Capsicum is a lachrymatory agent, which is basically a chemical compound known to cause eye irritation, uncontrollable coughing, and even, to some degrees, temporary blindness. Pepper sprays are also commonly labeled as OC Gas, Capsicum Spray or simply Oleoresin Capsicum.

Pepper sprays cause immediate eye irritation, forcing those affected with pepper sprays to instantly close their eyes. Runny nose, uncontrollable coughing and breathing difficulties are also known effects of pepper sprays. The effect duration of pepper sprays is variable to the “dose” administered, as well as the treatment actions, but is known to last within 30 to 45 minutes, with extreme exposures lasting for hours.

Bottom line, as self defense products, pepper sprays are items which truly deliver, halting attackers in their tracks, quelling whatever evil intentions they have in mind. If you are on the look out for a self defense product which is small but terrible, pepper sprays would be the way to go.

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