Vipertek VTS-989B V Mini Stun Gun Review

Among the things making Vipertek VTS-989B V Mini Stun Gun, a bestseller is its dual functionality; which makes this self-defense gadget both a stun gun and a flashlight. This stun gun is also very affordable. But more importantly, it delivers where it really matters by giving you all the power you need to protect yourself against attackers, quite literally in fact – this mini stun gun can generate millions of volts and produce enough power to render your attackers completely immobile and make them regretful of their ill intentions towards you.

In less than two seconds, the attacker will be startled, and within a few more seconds, down on the ground; immobilized and confused. Still, this gun is very safe, and the effects it causes on the attacker are only temporary. They are meant to last a few minutes, which should be more than enough time for you to get away or call the police.


There are lots of great tweaks on this unit that make it as effective as it is. For one, there are shock plates on the sides. And if you are wondering what these are for, you should know that they will keep attackers from grabbing the stun gun from you during personal encounters. And considering that the reach of this stun gun as far as your arm, this is actually quite a thoughtful feature.

Loud Alarm

The stun gun also has a loud alarm that will obviously make any attacker rethink their intentions and run away. The crackling sound this stun gun makes is enough to keep anyone from thinking of attacking you, and they should. Vipertek VTS-989 V generates millions of volts which cannot leave any assailant on his feet after a few seconds of contact with its electrodes.


Vipertex VTS-989B V mini stun gun also comes with very sharp spike electrodes that can penetrate thick clothing and ensure that the contacts get in touch with the assailant’s skin. Another innovative feature on this stun gun is the powerful LED flashlight which should help you find your way along dark alleys.

Sturdy and Ergonomic Construction

The construction quality of this mini stun gun is also quite impressive. Not surprisingly, the manufacturer is actually offering a lifetime warranty on this product to prove just how reliable this gadget can be. Other ergonomic factors have also been considered in designing this stun gun.

For instance, thanks to a non-slip rubber coating, and grooves on the handle, you will have a very confident grip on this stun gun as you use it, which makes it more reliable. The stun gun also comes with a nylon holster for easier carrying and enhanced access when needed.